Marissa Nicole Pina

Photographer. Writer. Videographer. Fashionista.  

A little bit of everything, rolled into one. Marissa is a young photographer passionate about people, art, and expression. She is constantly thinking up new ways to visually express her thoughts into cohesive projects. She's not afraid to try something new with her work, and recently has been working heavily with multimedia storytelling.


Hearst Journalism Awards: Multimedia Features, Sixth place, 2015

Hearst Journalism Awards: Multimedia News, Eleventh place, 2015

Kappa Tau Alpha, 2014

David J. Womack Award, 2014

Kay Kreighbaum Photography Award, 2013


Marissa is highly proficient in Spanish, conversational in Italian and able to communicate in French. She is extremely comfortable with the Adobe Creative Cloud; specifically, Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, and Premiere. She shoots with a Nikon D610 body and is well versed in lighting, and photography techniques. She is capable of adapting to different work cultures and environments, especially after working in London and Kenya.